Love What You Do


A couple weeks ago I was in Florida with 2 of my 4 kids. Disney World has this promotion on where if it’s your birthday (it was mine) you get in free. Anyway, when you check in, they give you this ‘pin’ with your name, kinda neat. As the day proceeded (Animal Kingdom, we had so much fun) no less than 30 ‘cast’ members said “Happy Birthday Jim”. OK, a bit hookey, but these people are both well trained AND they love what they do! It was actually fun.

So, here’s my point. Find something that you “Love to Do”; a way to “Love the Way You Work”. It’s there, sometimes you just need to keep looking. Let’s face it, life is (relatively) short, and for most of us, we spent more time ‘working’ than any other activity. Why would you settle working at something you didn’t love? It’s simply a decision and each of us makes it for ourselves. So… make sure you “Love the Way You Work”.

Jim Mills
President & CEO