Love the Way you Sit!


As humans, we can tend to develop terrible sitting habits while sitting at our desks. Myself, I tend to slouch in my chair with my legs crossed on the garbage can under my desk and work away. I know this is incorrect, but it is a bad habit I have formed. Knowing however that there are so many negative effects to poor posture. The most common complaints being lower back pain, neck pain, blood vessel and nerve constriction and headaches. I am sure you do not experience any of these things after a long work day? 

Everyone has heard the buzz word “ergonomic”. In my world here at Office Interiors this is a word that is used in almost every conversation with a customer. Our valued customers understand the importance of the use of true ergonomic office products in the workplace and how it can significantly improve not only employee comfort and well being but productivity as well. Most recently here in our market we are seeing a dramatic growth in the use of height adjustable workstations or tables. Our bodies are not built to sit!

I have recently worked with an Occupational Health and Safety Officer who had a client within their business who was experiencing some back and neck pain from a previous accident. A static position was limiting her ability to work a full day. After our needs assessment, we looked at several options but ultimately it came down to the ability to sit and stand comfortably and easily at her workstation. We turned to one of our manufacturers Inline Systems for a Stages solution. For this particular case the client received an electric height adjustable work centre with a height range of 27” to 43”. She now has a convenient tool within her workstation to sit and stand to perform her regular tasks and is working for longer periods each day as a result.

When I have conversations about what I do for a living and start with “I work for Office Interiors on the Office Furniture side of the business” it may sound kind of boring! I can happily say that not only can we create great looking spaces for employees; but that we work with companies to help create comfortable working environments that help promote healthy work habits and increase productivity as well!

Cindy Blackburn
Senior Account Manager
Office Interiors