Love The Way You…. Race?


A week ago, a few of us at Office Interiors decided to pay a little visit to Kartbahn in Bayers Lake.  Actually, this was the second year that we had gotten a group together for some indoor carting fun.  Sadly, if you are a huge racing fan and love to hear the roar of engines (and/or of crowds) then this type of activity won’t do it for you – the carts are electric and don’t make any noise, and there’s only space for a select few spectators near the racetrack.  However, if you – like the rest of us who came out – enjoy driving around in circles (something I’ve done many times looking for a parking spot downtown) and vying to be first (I can’t think of many people who don’t enjoy winning) then a visit to Kartbahn is time well spent.

Prior to this years’ OI Grand Prix, we had a chance to put in a few practice laps and get a feel for the track and the carts.  I know the carts don’t go exceedingly fast, but when you’re four inches from the ground in a vehicle about the size of a coffee table, it seems as if you’re going like ‘spit’.  The practice round was followed by the qualifying round which saw everyone vying for the pole position, which was garnered by Dave Usifer, followed closely by CJ Porteous, John Mullally, Matt Mills and Edmundo Garron.  The final race – the OI Grand Prix – was a hotly contested affair; however, Dave Usifer was able to take the checkered flag for the second year in a row.

Until next year…

John Mullally
Director of Human Resources
Office Interiors