Love the way you Play!


Softball Day

The OI team blowing off some steam softball style

On Saturday August 23 2014 Office Interiors Dartmouth had its first ever Inter-office Softball game. It was held on the BJ Higgins field in Cole Harbour. Mother Nature was on our side for a change and the weather was grand. We had a great turn out of 25 people and we played from 10:00am until 4:00pm. We were fortunate enough to have the refreshments such as pop, lots of water, power aid, hamburgers and hotdogs all donated by Office Interiors. We had music, lots of laughs, a couple highlight reel moments, and an Ice bucket challenge was completed at the end of the day… but most of all we had tons of fun.

The event was such a success and we received such great feedback that it looks like it might become an annual game.  I know I would definitely take the challenge on organizing one next year as this year was great.


Albert Gosse
Warehouse Technician
Office Interiors