Living Your Values


I love arriving to work and getting a message like the one I received this morning from our Sales Leader, Shawn Lean, in Fredericton below:

“The local homeless shelter… had a post on Facebook Sunday (Oct. 9) that they needed some help with replacement beds. Heather read the post to me while we were watching the ball game Sunday evening. She said maybe we should help them out by donating a couple of beds!!!

I said leave it with me for a day and let’s replace the all. I sent out a Facebook Post and in 24 hours we replaced all 25 required beds (all new) with more coming in this morning. We’ll have 30 by noon today. That is a feel good story!”


Lots of organisations have “values” posted somewhere in their documentation. But when “values” come to life in real ways, when they become embedded in your work culture, when they result in real work getting done, well that’s when you know that you are truly making a difference in your people, in your work, AND in your communities.

Have a great week!

Jim Mills
Office Interiors