Kaleigh loves the way she learns!


My name is Kaleigh Woodard. I’m 17 years old (almost 18, thankfully), and I attend Charles P Allen High School. At school I’ve been taking all the fine arts courses available such as advanced placement art classes, and many other art related courses.

My experience as a co-op student at Office Interiors was great. Going into my co-op, I figured I’d be watching Leilany (Graphic Designer for Office Interiors) work on design projects and get to know more about the process, but it turned out that I got to be a lot more involved. I actually designed quite a few projects on my own including the Office Interiors Christmas Card, mouse pads, and Symphony Nova Scotia and Neptune Theatre advertisements.

The Office Interiors Christmas card was the biggest project that I worked on, and the process was a long one. Once I’d drawn a few sketches of different layouts and colour schemes, I took those layouts and went on to create them on Graphic Design programs called Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. After the layouts were finished, we decided on a final design. We then took that design and had it printed at the NSCC Leed Street Campus where I helped cut and fold all 500 cards!

Part of my co-op included visiting the NSCC Waterfront Campus for a tour and a day-in-the-life of a student in the Applied Media and Communication Arts program. I got to sit in on classes with the students and had the opportunity to ask questions about the program. I also had the chance to attend a class for Foundation Students at the NSCAD Seaport Campus, and meet with the Director of Admissions to ask questions and learn about what NSCAD students experience during their 4 years there.

My experience at Office Interiors taught me a lot. I learned how to use programs such as InDesign and Illustrator, and got to experience the full process of designing something for a client. Being able to see exactly what a Graphic Designer does on a daily basis was so informative, and my co-op experience at Office Interiors was so much more than I expected.

Special thanks to Jim Mills (President & CEO), Leilany Garron-Mills (Graphic Designer & Resident Artist), and Scott MacIntyre (Director of Sales, Imaging-NS) for organizing everything and making my co-op experience at Office Interiors possible.

Kaleigh Woodard
Office Interiors Co-op Student
Charles P Allen High School