Information Overload


I recently read an excellent white paper produced by Ricoh on the perils of allowing increasing quantities of information to actually cause inefficiencies and degrade value in an organisation.  The white paper spells out how these bottlenecks can develop, what unseen damage they could be causing your bottom line, and a few suggestions to help manage information and harness its value creation capabilities.

To quote the article “Information overload compromises revenue-growth opportunities because it can cause slow responsiveness and proposals that are off-target or poor quality.” Don’t let your company be a victim of information overload, even if you think you have a firm grasp on the situation there may be unseen drags on the daily processes your company relies on.  So the challenge I pose is this: read the white paper, take a second look at your own internal processes, and reconsider if they are truly operating as efficiently, effectively, and profitably as they could be.  If there is even a sliver of doubt in your mind that they may not be optimized, well by reading this blog, you are already looking at a great place to start your search.

Cory Porteous
Marketing Manager
Office Interiors

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