In Business, as in Life, Right-sizing is the Best Option


I was recently talking to my uncle about his frustrations with shovelling during this terrible winter we have had in Nova Scotia.  Shovelling is not exactly his forte, and he claimed there were 100 things he would rather do than shovel.  I threw it out as a joke that since his now adult children have been moved out for some time, he should downsize from his large house to a condo, not only to save money but also to avoid the fun chore of shovelling.

He paused for a second, laughed, and said that’s actually not a bad idea.

This conversation reminded me of what I do each and every day with my clients; to try and find the best solution fit for their mailing needs.  It is no secret that over the past decade, mail is on the decline.  That said, it is here to stay and will be around forever.  Many of my clients today have large mailing systems that at one time made sense for them to have as they had a high mail volume, but over the years with mailing slowing, it may no longer be the right fit for today.  What I would suggest to these clients is to “right-size” their mailing system (often times, this means a device rated for a smaller volume of mail, however sometimes it still can mean going larger).  This is a win-win for the client as they are now using a machine that meets their current needs and there is typically a cost savings associated with downsizing to a smaller unit.

Give me a call or send me an email today – I would be more than happy to meet with you to discuss what would be best for your business.


Andrew Chisholm
Account Manager – Imaging