How to keep your wood furniture looking great!


Every tree is different so every piece of wood furniture will be different.  Between the colour of the species of wood, the grain of the individual tree and the variance in stain colours every piece of wood furniture is a unique piece of art… and should be cared for as such!  Here are a few tips to help keep your beautiful wood furniture looking exceptional for years to come:

  • Always use a soft cloth to clean surfaces as paper towel can create small scratches
  • Use lukewarm water only, other cleaners are too harsh and can leave stains or create imperfections
  • Wipe with the grain of the wood, not against the grain
  • Use coasters
  • Do not slide objects across surface, lift objects to move them
  • If there is a spill, immediately blot the spill – moisture can quickly damage the surface
  • Extreme heat, cold or humidity can damage the character of the wood
  • Keep the surfaces dusted to avoid build-up of dust and/or small particles that can leave scratches  

Cindy Blackburn
Customer Care Representative
Office Interiors