Haworth’s Unique Integrated Palette Approach


Check out Haworth’s unique Integrated Palette approach to building out spaces. Every product that sits on the floor is designed to interconnect, share finishes and components and ultimately leave the end user with a flexible platform that makes moves/adds or changes easy and cost effective while creating little to no waste!

See our video, Haworth Integrated Palette Seven Design Logic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0ODbVuj9Wg&feature=relmfu

Haworth’s Integrated Palette approach to fitting out spaces is unique, and holds an appeal to all the major stakeholders involved in a given project; Designers can choose from a shared finish logic across all product platforms. Architects can gain confidence from the shared dimensional logic and building interface flexibility of the product lines. And because of the interconnectivity and shared components the Integrated Palette of products brings to a floor plate; end users will have a very flexible platform from which to initiate any moves/adds/changes with very little cost or waste. This translates into both savings and sustainability.

Sandy Hachey
Account Manager
Office Interiors