Did you know you can buy your ink and toner online?


Are you tired of having to make a call or send an email every time you need toner?

Don’t worry… we don’t take it personally! 

Imagine you are printing an important and time-sensitive document… you head over to the printer just to realize that it’s out of ink.

We’ve made it easier than ever before for you to purchase toner! You can now find ink and toner online through our store!

Want to know where to get started? We have a video and article outlining all of the steps you need to set up an account and make your first purchase.

If you’re looking to buy toner specifically, there is one crucial step that you must take first! 

You need to find your model device number. 

This number is often found on the front or side of a device and contains letters and 4 numbers. The most important part of the device number is those four digits. 

You will use the model device number to search our online store for toner or ink that is specifically made for your device.

 Every device is different, so where you find the model number may vary. We made this video showing some examples of where to find your device number!

Once you have the model device number, you will use that to search in our store. 

You will see a drop-down menu that shows all applicable ink and toner for your machine. 

Select what you need and proceed to checkout.

Yes, it’s that easy! We will ship your toner or ink directly to your office or home. 

If you can’t find your device number or the ink and toner you want isn’t on our website, our team is always here to help! 

If you need assistance at any part of the way, reach out to supplies@officeinteriors.ca, and our team will get back to you.

Emily Adams
Digital Content Specialist
Office Interiors

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