The Definition of Biophilia (in under 100 words)


Definition of Biophilia in 100 words of less

Biophilia is the natural attraction people have for nature and living organisms. It is hypothesized that people have an innate tendency to affiliate with things that remind us of the outdoors (natural light, water, plants, and animals).

With respect to architecture, incorporating biophilia would entail integrating the natural world in a way that allows users to satisfy this innate affinity.  Research has shown that when people can directly access nature, it reduces stress and mental fatigue while improving creativity and focus

Did you know that merely increasing the quantity of natural light that workers can access has shown to affect productivity positively?  Read our article on the topic for the full explanation.

Cory Porteous
Marketing Manager
Office Interiors

Biophillia, nature enhances productivity in the office