CJ loves the way he works!


As my time with Office Interiors comes to an end, I have an opportunity to think back on the whirlwind that was the past four months. Office Interiors generously allowed me to accomplish the second of three work terms I must complete for the Coop program in which I am enrolled at SMU. I cannot properly express my gratitude for this exceptional opportunity but I will make an attempt.

At Office Interiors, I was able to experience many different sides of the business and I truly got to see how such a company operates. I was given the chance to contact clients, handle product purchasing and develop a social media marketing strategy, among an assortment of other projects. The work in which I participated at Office Interiors has given me a much deeper understanding of what I have been learning in my degree. I am now able to approach my studies with a much different perspective, a perspective where I actually relate theories I am learning, and I can apply them to real world experience rather than simply memorizing.

I am extremely grateful to Office Interiors, and in particular to Jim Mills, for allowing me to complete my work term at OI. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the great team here at OI and would like to specifically thank Leilany, Shelley, Hugh, and Gregor for their exceptional help and mentoring.

Cory Porteous
Marketing Assistant, Office Interiors
Commerce Student, Saint Mary’s University