I have often said that the one constant in life is change, that embracing change is the only way to continuously move forward and to learn. When we resist change that is when we jeopardize our growth and we get lulled in to a complacency that is our natural comfort zone.

Personally I embrace change. As the newest member of the leadership team at Office Interiors, after only seven months, I can state with confidence that joining the team was a great move for me personally and professionally.

Change can be exciting, intimidating and dreaded. Some individuals fear change and avoid it at all costs, the same can be said of businesses.

The last few years we have witnessed an incredible amount of change in the business world, especially with regards to technology. New technologies have altered the way we look at and communicate with customers, the way we interact with our colleagues and our ability to keep our fingers on the pulse of our business.

A change that we hear about often is around a transition towards more collaboration. Teamwork is important and companies would like to have work spaces that encourage collaborative efforts across different teams or divisions. The sharing of ideas, information and documents is no longer just an ideal it is now necessary to grow a business in a competitive marketplace.

Office Interiors is changing too, with new product offerings from our suppliers that address the evolving needs of our clients, products that you may be surprised to learn are part of our portfolio. We have many ways to address this need, from scalable collaborative networked work spaces to wireless networked projectors to business wide content management software.

There has never been a better time to see how your business can change and grow. Let us show you how your whole team can love the way they work!

Ralph Bastarache
VP Sales (NB & PEI)
Office Interiors