Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation


Every day in many places across Canada an alarm sounds, and men and women we know as firefighters respond to help their neighbours.  Leaving warmth and safety, they frequently put themselves in harm’s way to save life, protect property and reduce community loss.  Most of these dedicated firefighters return from the alarm to answer other calls at other times.  Some, tragically, do not.  As well, others are so harmed by the effects of an incident, that their lives are cut short as a results of their selfless rush to help.

Over the years more than 1100 known firefighters, from every part of Canada, have lost their lives in service.  This number continues to grow as we collect historical data from across the country.  Tragically, this number also continues to grow with each passing year.

The Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation has been established to honour these brave and caring Canadians who have sacrificed their own lives for others.  Just as firefighters answer the alarm when called, you have answered our call to honour them.  For this we say “Thank You” in their names.  Your generous contribution assists us in realizing the Objectives of the Foundation, namely to:

  • Maintain the Canadian Firefighters Memorial in Ottawa.
  • Provide scholarships for the children of fallen firefighters.
  • Conduct the Annual Canadian Firefighters Memorial Ceremony.
  • Develop Support Programs for the families of the fallen.


Captain Robert Kirkpatrick
Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation