Can office space itself be a portal for significant change?


Employees are every company’s largest resource by far, and employee engagement is the key to innovation.  And yet recent studies tell us that more than 70 percent of the workforce either hates their jobs or are just going through the motions.  And half of all office space is wasted. That is a scary reality, and it is leading forward thinking organizations into change.  Where does this employee disengagement originate, and how do we find strategies to turn the workplace instead into a landscape of innovation?

Perhaps the real question . . . can a business change its culture? How does a company even approach what seems like an impossible task, to change a culture that is so firmly entrenched.  We at Office Interiors are strong believers that space itself can absolutely lead to an engaging workplace where employees can reconnect with the work, and with each other.  It is what we live every day.

Change Your Space, Change Your Culture: How Engaging Workspaces Lead to Transformation and Growth is a guide to transforming business by rethinking the workplace. Written by Rex Miller, Mabel Casey and Mark Konchar, a team of trail-blazing leaders, this book reveals the secrets of companies that discovered the power of culture and space. This insightful guide reveals what companies lose by viewing office space as something to manage or minimize. With practical tips and implementation details, the book helps the reader see that the workspace is, in fact, a crucial driver of productivity and morale.

Check out this book to read about how much our environment can inspire us, and how to make that happen!


Sandy Hachey
Senior Account Manager – Furniture
Office Interiors