Buying a copier? Here are a few tips to help get what you need, at the price you want


Assess Your Needs

Most copiers today come with a wide variety of standard and optional features. The right multifunctional copier (MFP) can streamline processes and remove your need for separate scanners, printers, and fax machines.  One networked MFP at times can replace numerous desktop machines and lower your overall printing costs.  At the same time, by identifying what features you do not need you can avoid over paying for advanced equipment that is beyond your requirements.  If your MFP will only be used for internal documents you may not need an MFP with colour functionality, noticeably decreasing your printing costs.

Understand Your Copy Volume

Determining how many impressions you will need each month is crucial when identifying what device will be the best fit for your organization.  Little is worse than a few months after purchasing new equipment, realizing that your new MFP simply can’t keep up with the required workload.  The additional cost of frequent service calls can quickly outweigh the money saved by purchasing a smaller copier.  If you currently own or lease an MFP it should come equipped with a meter that records how many impressions it has created.  This is an excellent place to begin when estimating your future volume requirements.

Brand Name Does Matter

Reputable dealerships choose to carry certain brands for a reason.  Name brand copiers can sometimes cost a little more upfront, but that initial investment will usually be repaid many times over the lifetime of the machine. A reputable dealer selling a name brand copier will be able to provide an MFP’s reliability and uptime statistics to justify any additional upfront costs.

Ask Questions!

The most effective way to ensure that a new MFP is the right one for you is to ask the experts.  Imaging professionals can guide you through the entire process from determining your copy volume through to negotiating servicing agreements and advising on managed print services.  At Office Interiors our Account Managers are here to answer your questions, so feel free to “interrogate” them.  If find the answers you need, we don’t deserve your business.

Cory Porteous
Marketing Manager
Office Interiors

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