Building A Championship Team…


Creating Memories

I recently attended a clinic that was hosted by the coaching staff of the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts Football Team, the 2012 Grey Cup Champions.  I have attended similar clinics in the past and I always find clinics like this interesting not only for the interesting football talks, but also for the lessons that apply to business.

Agreeably, discussions on specific football plays and techniques, the ‘X” and “O’s”, have little use at work, but the philosophies they follow and thoughts they have in building a championship team that consistently performs are relevant.

One session I attend was titled exactly that, “Building a Championship Team” and the speaker was Chris Jones, Assistant Head Coach of the Argos. He asked the audience what Championship Football was? Was it winning the final game, hoisting a trophy, wearing the ring, beating the other team?   Was it the parade through downtown and the parties afterwards?  Yes, those were all facets of a Championship but in his opinion it boiled down to one thing: “The memories you create for yourself and the people around you that no one can take away.”

When I thought about it afterward, his statement makes sense not only to football but to work and home. Winning is about memories and invariably involves not only you but other people.

From a business perspective, we all  spend a significant amount of our lives working with people in organizations trying to win at something, to be champions at something.
Shouldn’t we work in a manner that creates great memories along the way with people that “no one can take away?”.  Would our customer’s notice?  Would the people we work with notice?  Would our work produce better results?
I think so….!

Keith Skiffington
Chief Operating Officer
Office Interiors