Beware of Toner Pirates!


Don’t let your company fall prey to toner pirates!  These scammers will try to mislead you into thinking you are speaking with a representative of your local dealer (us) and that you urgently need to stock up on toner because there a “special” offer or imminent price increase.  The price they will try to bill you for the toner is often ten times what it is actually worth.  Another warning sign that the caller is not a representative of Office Interiors is if they ask you for the make and model of your device.  If we are calling you, we will already know this information.

To protect your business from these scammers ask the caller for their name and contact information and tell them you will call them back.  If the call is actually from Office Interiors, we will gladly provide you with our contact information.

And remember, if your device is covered under a Platinum Service Contract with Office Interiors, your toner is already included at no extra cost!

Cory Porteous
Marketing Manager
Office Interiors