Before Buying a Printer…


Ask These Three Important Questions First

1. Will I need to print color?
2. How many users will be sharing the printer?
3. How many pages will I be printing each month?

Nunber of users: The number of users that will be sharing a single machine is a good indicator of how large of a printer your office needs. If more than one user will be sharing the printer, you will likely want to look at a printer with networking. Work team printers are generally best for 2-5 users, while workgroup printers are better suited for 5-10 users. Department-sized printers can be shared with 10+ users.

Pages per month: The number of pages you need to print per month is another determining factor when deciding which printer model to choose. The best way to get an understanding of the duty cycle of a printer is to look at how many pages the toner cartridge yields. If you’re printing 10,000 copies per month and the largest toner available for that printer is only 2,000 pages, it would be a better choice to upgrade to a larger machine. Generally, larger machines will have higher capacity cartridges, giving you a lower cost per page, costing your company less over time. After determining how many pages your company will be printing.

Alan Mitchell
Office Interiors