Be a Connector!


I had the greatest compliment from a good friend and fellow CEO recently. He basically said “I really want to thank you for inviting me to some of your small ‘connector’ events over the past few years. As a direct result of meeting some great people, a few of them have become good business associates and personal friends. It really means allot to me and I want to say thanks!”

Being a connector is something I have always done, but without really thinking about it. But the benefit of some reflection, I really do love connecting great people together and watching new business and/or personal relationships develop from that. The power of “we” is so great that if we all did a little “connecting” with each of our networks, who knows what could happen?

New relationships develop, new ideas get spurned, new solutions to challenges emerge, new businesses get started, so many possible positive outcomes can flow from that simple effort.

So my advice would be this… be a “connector” yourself.

Jim Mills
Office Interiors