Templar Image

Today’s post is meant to reflect the distinct reality necessary when expressing values inherent to a modern Templar code.  Nevertheless this is no game, but rather a serious enrolment of dedication towards electing what one might share, and truly take pride in.

Alphabets of conduct:

Accomplish                                 Named
Beyond                                       Opportunities
Challenges                                  Provide
Deliver                                        Quest
Excitement                                  Reveal
Fulfil                                            Solutions
Goals                                          Thrill
Honour                                        Uniform
Invest                                          Victories
Joy                                              Wins
Key                                             X-ray
Landed                                         Your
Managed                                      Zone

Embrace every second of wise success you earn, because something earned will always be something deserved.

Roger Bouchard
Account manager – Imaging
Office Interiors