June 2016

Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up

Since 2014 Ricoh Canada Inc. has been a national sponsor of the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up, helping to remove garbage from our lakes, rivers, and shores.  This year Office Interiors decided to lend a hand as well and we are proud to announce that on June 10, the team from OI and Ricoh’s Halifax branch… Read More


Our People… the Key Ingredient

I’ve been writing recently about some of our Core Values at Office Interiors, and of course “Our People” is one of them. We state simply that “Our People are our most important Resource, we will treat everyone with respect & dignity, we will hire the best and we will reward based on performance.  We will… Read More


MADD Canada

Dear Sponsor; On behalf of the Board of Directors, Members and Volunteers of MADD Canada, I would like to thank you for your support of MADD Canada by placing an advertisement in our MADD Message Yearbook. The generosity of community-minded people like you makes it possible for MADD Canada to pursue its much-needed programs including… Read More