August 2014

What Does Printing Really Cost You?

Can you answer the following question: How much does your organization spend on printing and paper handling costs per annum?  If you can’t, then you could be missing a great opportunity to boost your bottom line. Paper management and printing expenses are far more than just the price you pay for paper stock and toner.… Read More


Love the way you Play!

On Saturday August 23 2014 Office Interiors Dartmouth had its first ever Inter-office Softball game. It was held on the BJ Higgins field in Cole Harbour. Mother Nature was on our side for a change and the weather was grand. We had a great turn out of 25 people and we played from 10:00am until… Read More


What Is PRO’s Elite 100?

Have you spotted the PROs Elite 100 certification before?  Many people have not, and the reason for that is simple, only 100 organisations across North America can receive PROs Elite certification.  PROs Elite believes that only the Office Imaging organisation that delivers the best service in a market deserves their certification.  PROs Elite is so… Read More