July 2012

No Excuses – More Customers

In April, I attended a sports coaching clinic and one of the speakers was Jim Barker who recently took over as General Manager for the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League. Jim is very passionate individual, with a keen focus on excellence, which perhaps is not surprising given that his profession involves coaching or managing professional… Read More


Haworth’s Unique Integrated Palette Approach

Check out Haworth’s unique Integrated Palette approach to building out spaces. Every product that sits on the floor is designed to interconnect, share finishes and components and ultimately leave the end user with a flexible platform that makes moves/adds or changes easy and cost effective while creating little to no waste! See our video, Haworth… Read More


Sid the Kid “Loves the Way He Works”

Last week I had the opportunity to meet Sidney Crosby at a big fundraiser for the IWK. Sidney and his family are great supporters of the IWK, he previously made a key contribution to what is now known as the “Teen Lounge” for young patients at the health center. They continue to contribute time and effort to… Read More