What are “The Dog Days of Summer”?

Ever wonder where this term came from? Nope, not from Major League Baseball, although they use it. It actually falls from July 3 to August 11; the 20 days before and after the “dog” star Sirius rises and falls in conjunction with the sun. The Romans used to think Sirius threw off some extra heat… Read More


Why does ergonomics matter in the office?

 “The goal of ergonomics is to fit the task to the individual not the individual to the task.”                            Jeffrey E. Fernandez, PhD, PE, CPE & Michael Goodman, MD, MPH No one will deny that ergonomics is now one of the most discussed… Read More

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Automating processes and workflows

Most organisations have similar types of needs with respect to processing orders, performing financial functions, managing human resources and controlling assets.  Most of these workflows require the creation, processing and filing of paper documents.  The simple fact is that these processes all drain your bottom line, sometimes quite significantly.   In our own business, we… Read More

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15 Easy Tricks for a Highly Productive Work Environment

Soothing music can decrease stress and boost focus. If you work in a distracting open office, use noise-cancelling headphones to help you concentrate. Consider investing in a comfortable and supportive desk chair. Sprucing up your space with greenery increases productivity and cognitive attention as well as improving air quality. Buy a decorative pillow or seat… Read More


Why I print from mobile

Like many of us, I work in a fast paced and busy environment; I am in and out of the office constantly. There is nothing more annoying than closing down my laptop and walking out to my car, when suddenly“ding” I receive another email. Instead of needing to go back to my laptop, starting it up, logging in,… Read More

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Office Interiors is Going Green

Here at Office Interiors, we have considered our role in the massive use of paper generated and received yearly and find this a perfect time to “Go Green.”  “Go Green” marks the beginning of many changes for us as a company and we hope that you will appreciate our commitment to taking paper out of… Read More

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