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More on Communities….

We had another ‘aha’ moment this past week when we hosted hopefully a future Canadian in our showroom. His name is Avijit (Avi) Karmoker and he is from Bangladesh. We are proud to support the Nova Scotia Community College. One of the ways we do that is by providing several NSCC students in need of… Read More


Why I print from mobile

Like many of us, I work in a fast paced and busy environment; I am in and out of the office constantly. There is nothing more annoying than closing down my laptop and walking out to my car, when suddenly“ding” I receive another email. Instead of needing to go back to my laptop, starting it up, logging in,… Read More

Productivity Technology

9 Office Hacks for a Healthy Workspace

When it comes to office interior design, aesthetics is everything, right? While it might look pretty, what about the practical elements of the space; how will people interact with the room? Will it promote creativity and encourage productivity? If you’ve ever worked in a cubicle-style workspace with artificial fluorescent lighting, you know how important these… Read More


I used to like my desk. It had drawers.

I am the administrator at Strategic Arts Management (SAM), a non-profit with four part-time staff and a team of consultants who work together to support and serve artists and arts organizations in Nova Scotia. With the new year, we acquired a new location, and—thanks to Office Interiors—new furniture. It’s so much more than furniture! Their… Read More

Community Furniture


It’s so easy to toss a colourful adjective or phrase into a conversation, thinking it can’t hurt anyone, right? Well, it can, and it does. Words matter. What you say can, and often does, affect those who hear your words. Simple words can have complex meanings. Simple words can have devastating impacts on people.  Using… Read More


How to keep your wood furniture looking great!

Every tree is different so every piece of wood furniture will be different.  Between the colour of the species of wood, the grain of the individual tree and the variance in stain colours every piece of wood furniture is a unique piece of art… and should be cared for as such!  Here are a few tips… Read More


We stand behind our service

At Office Interiors we consider our service to be one of our “Three Key Uniques” that set us apart from others in the industry.  It’s our belief that despite the sometimes challenging geography and road conditions in the Maritimes, it’s our responsibility to provide our customers with the service they need, whenever and wherever they… Read More

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The Office Furniture Checklist

Do you feel overwhelmed with options when looking to buy new office furniture? Here is a are a few questions to ask yourself when trying to narrow the field. Is my furniture selection:  Aesthetically Pleasing?  Ergonomically Designed?  Adjustable?  Covered by a Thorough Warranty?  Designed With Employee Wellness in Mind?  Multifunctional?… Read More


Office Interiors is Going Green

Here at Office Interiors, we have considered our role in the massive use of paper generated and received yearly and find this a perfect time to “Go Green.”  “Go Green” marks the beginning of many changes for us as a company and we hope that you will appreciate our commitment to taking paper out of… Read More

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The Design Process…

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if design projects really worked like they do on television? Imagine, you sign a letter of approval and BAM – the designs are complete, crew shows up and construction starts; 30-60 minutes later you have a beautiful new space custom to your wants and needs. Design is not that easy and… Read More