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Finding the Perfect Chair – What to look for in your next task chair

We all know how important office ergonomics are and how they can affect your daily productivity. A poorly designed office workstation causes both physical and mental stress. A study by the Norwegian State Institute found that after the common cold, muscular soreness was the second most common cause of absenteeism at work and other studies in… Read More


Ergonomic Accessories – Do they stack up to the hype?

When the topic of ergonomics comes up in a discussion, most people these days already know that you should use a quality ergonomic task chair and that alternating between sitting and standing throughout the day can be beneficial for your health.  These things are easy to picture being healthier, they immediately feel better.  What is much easier… Read More


How well do you know your printing environment?

Many people don’t realize just how much money is being spent on printing within their organisation.  It’s easy to find out how much you pay quarterly leasing your devices and to find out the CPC rate on your service contract but that is merely the tip of the iceberg.  Gartner estimates that printing accounts for… Read More


The Great Cape Breton Clean Up

We would like to give huge congratulations to our friends and team members who were recently recognized for their role in the Great Cape Breton Clean Up on May 13.  Darren Sorrey, Donald MacPherson, Connor Taylor and Carol Taylor were presented an Award of Excellence by the Sydney Waterfront District and Sydney and Area Chamber… Read More


Fourth Annual OI Softball Challenge!

While Mother Nature prevented our 4th Annual Softball challenge from being as successful as last year, all those who showed up to brave the weather still had a great time! Once again we held the soft ball game at BJ Higgins field in Cole Harbour.  While we had plenty of returners from last year, it was… Read More


What are “The Dog Days of Summer”?

Ever wonder where this term came from? Nope, not from Major League Baseball, although they use it. It actually falls from July 3 to August 11; the 20 days before and after the “dog” star Sirius rises and falls in conjunction with the sun. The Romans used to think Sirius threw off some extra heat… Read More