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The Office Furniture Checklist

Do you feel overwhelmed with options when looking to buy new office furniture? Here is a are a few questions to ask yourself when trying to narrow the field. Is my furniture selection:  Aesthetically Pleasing?  Ergonomically Designed?  Adjustable?  Covered by a Thorough Warranty?  Designed With Employee Wellness in Mind?  Multifunctional?… Read More


Office Interiors is Going Green

Here at Office Interiors, we have considered our role in the massive use of paper generated and received yearly and find this a perfect time to “Go Green.”  “Go Green” marks the beginning of many changes for us as a company and we hope that you will appreciate our commitment to taking paper out of… Read More

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The Design Process…

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if design projects really worked like they do on television? Imagine, you sign a letter of approval and BAM – the designs are complete, crew shows up and construction starts; 30-60 minutes later you have a beautiful new space custom to your wants and needs. Design is not that easy and… Read More


Mike Boucher: Living Our Values

 This afternoon I received the following email and wanted to use this blog post to recognize one of our team members who has gone above and beyond for their community.   “Mike Boucher has volunteered through his ham radio association to go and check house to house in the Tracadie and Caraquet regions due to the… Read More


Unified Communications, What is it? Why Does it Matter?

Unified Communications in a broad sense means, “communications integrated to optimize business processes and increase user productivity.” This typically includes voice, voicemail, email, fax, chat, instant messaging, mobile applications, and video tool that allow you to connect and communicate with  your colleagues whether you are in your physical office or at home, in a restaurant, hotel room,… Read More

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Allow me to introduce myself…

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Rachael Quackenbush, Office Interiors’s very own in-house Intern Interior Designer. As a passionate and dedicated person with a keen eye for detail, I love creating ambiences to enhance our built environments, so you can truly love the way you work! Interior design and architecture in the way we… Read More

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A New and Better Way to Work

As 2017 gets underway how much thought into “how” you physically work have you considered? Any? Is there in fact a better way? The answer is a big yes. And the science is now proven; sitting in your workspace for extended periods of time is simply not good for your health. Check out this brief… Read More

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For Chanie… and the Secret Path

Before I start, I want to say that I’m proudly Canadian, I always have been. I see Canada as a land of opportunity, a country that cares, a beautiful place, one that embraces diversity, a safe place to live, work and play. I am proud that we accelerated bringing over 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada… Read More


Be a Connector!

I had the greatest compliment from a good friend and fellow CEO recently. He basically said “I really want to thank you for inviting me to some of your small ‘connector’ events over the past few years. As a direct result of meeting some great people, a few of them have become good business associates… Read More


Living Your Values

I love arriving to work and getting a message like the one I received this morning from our Sales Leader, Shawn Lean, in Fredericton below: “The local homeless shelter… had a post on Facebook Sunday (Oct. 9) that they needed some help with replacement beds. Heather read the post to me while we were watching… Read More