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What is Document Management and how can it Reduce Costs?

Almost every company claims that “going paperless” is a priority. But what does that term really mean? The term that best describes what people truly mean when they talk about going paperless is more technical; Document Management Systems (DMS) are what organizations implement to achieve digital paperless workflows. In this post, we will explain what a… Read More

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How to Determine the Total Cost of Ownership for a Copier or Printer

Do you ever need to work with paper documents?  For almost every office worker, the answer is yes, and as such, they end up needing a multifunction copier or printer. Multifunction copiers and printers, often referred to as MFDs (Multifunction Device), not only print and copy but also have fax and scanning capabilities. Even if… Read More


How Much Does A Cubicle Workstation Cost?

Are you hiring more staff and need to add a couple of new workstations for your expanding team?  Or perhaps you have outgrown your space and you are planning on moving to a new office?  If either of these situations sounds like you, you likely are wondering… what does a workstation cost? Well, it depends,… Read More

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How much does a new desk cost?

What I envision when I mentally picture a desk is not necessarily the same thing as when you mentally picture a desk, so before I try to give you a cost, I’m going to first explain what I’m costing. The desk of today  The office desk of today is quite different to that of 10… Read More

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How much does an office chair cost?

If you were to ask ten people (or Google) how much you should spend on a new chair for your desk, you will likely get ten different answers and ten different reasons for those prices.  Even though almost everyone will sit in a task chair at one point or another, there seems to be much… Read More

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What is the difference between New and Remanufactured toner cartridges?

Printers have been a popular topic for us recently, and that’s why we’re continuing the trend of comparing your options for toner cartridges and which might be the best option for you. Today we’re contrasting new and remanufactured toner. Although there is some controversy online and the topic can be easily biased, we’re going to… Read More


What to consider when designing your dream office!

Do you dream of eliminating the daily commute?  Perhaps you just want a quiet space to finish up your projects on a Sunday morning?  Regardless of why you may want a home office, any working professional looking to get things done outside the traditional 9-5 office environment deserves a space that will help you increase… Read More

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What is the difference between OEM and New Compatible toner cartridges?

In many other blog posts we’ve discussed how printing costs are a significant part of your office expenses and, as such, they need to be actively controlled. In this post, we’ll be discussing ink and toner options, more specifically, the difference between OEM and New Compatible toner cartridges – and which is the best option… Read More


Recognizing Excellence

Last week our Fredericton team, led by Shawn Lean, our VP Sales, were recognized for their tireless efforts in their Community with a Fredericton Chamber of Commerce 2017 Business Excellence Award. Called the Elliott McCrea Hill Community Involvement Business Award, it recognises outstanding achievement by a company in support of their community. “Our Community” is… Read More