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How Much Does A Desktop Printer Cost?

Are you shopping around for a new desktop printer or MFP (multifunction printer) but having trouble gauging how much you should budget for a quality device?  It’s surprisingly difficult to find an honest breakdown of what you should pay for a new desktop MFP. Part of the problem is the fact that there are dozens… Read More

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Options at Copier Lease Expiry: Renew lease vs Buy Out (Pros & Cons)

Depending on your experience with your current copier and leasing company two distinct feelings will come along with your lease expiry. People who have had poor experiences will be excited to find a new leasing company and move on. Those who have had great experiences, however, may have a harder time deciding what to do.… Read More


What Does a Service Contract for Office Equipment Cover?

If you aren’t familiar with the office equipment industry, you might have been a little surprised when you were told that even after purchasing your device, you should still pay a monthly fee to the dealership. This post is addressing that “fee.”  We are going to explain what a multifunction printer (MFP), or copier, service… Read More


How to Configure Your New Task Chair : 5 Essential Tips

Have you recently picked up a new task chair for your workstation?   You probably imagine yourself leaning back comfortably in your new chair, completing tasks faster than ever before. While task chairs are a great addition to any office space, before you can enjoy the full benefit, they need to be correctly configured. Not only… Read More

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4 Important Signs You Need a New Task Chair

When you look around your office and think about the items that need to be replaced, you may notice some things that stand out. The old coffee machine might end up near the top of your list. Getting new technology like a fast new computer or a printer that doesn’t jam is always nice. Yes,… Read More

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