Ergonomic Footrests: What Are They & Do You Need One?

People spend a lot of time sitting these days. In fact, the average person spends 10 hours per day sitting. Those that work in office environments may spend even more time sitting as they go through their workday and then head home to relax. One of the problems with spending so much time sitting is… Read More

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How to Improve the Auditory Privacy Within Your Office

Are conversations from other spaces affecting your team’s productivity? Are there concerns about private customer information being overheard? Do you merely want to help visitors and employees feel more comfortable in your office? Not only does an office with poor auditory privacy have a severe lack of privacy, but it can also be downright impossible… Read More

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Adjustable Keyboard Trays: 4 Reasons You Should Have One

In this brief blog series, we take a look at some of the most important but often overlooked, ergonomic accessories that any office can affordably add to improve the working environment for their staff significantly. Keyboard trays seem like such a simple office accessory that they often go forgotten in the hype of more “flashy”… Read More

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What is an Ergonomic Assessment?

Every day at the office, you interact with many different work tools. From the office chairs to desks to lights and more, each has a role to play in proper office ergonomics. In fact, there can be so many different aspects to ergonomics, few people have the time or the experience to analyze their own… Read More

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