5 Key Considerations for Buying the Perfect Task Chair

Buying a quality task chair that will meet your needs is incredibly important. This chair, although you may not realize it, will become a major part of your life.  Ever done the math on how many hours you spend in a task chair each year?  The folks at LifeHacker did, and it’s 2600 hours every… Read More

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Office Ergonomics – Preventing Employee Back, Neck and Wrist Pain Generates Value

How much does office ergonomics really matter? According to the World Health Organization, one-third of health-related absences are due to musculoskeletal disorders. Back pain accounts for 60 percent of these injuries, followed by neck pain and wrist pain. Other studies conducted on State Farm Insurance and Blue Cross-Blue Shield found that productivity improved by a… Read More

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Why Should You Buy a Sit-to-Stand Desk?

Standing desks are not a new phenomenon but with the all the recent studies showing the adverse effects of sitting all day, they are more popular than ever before. Standing desk proponents point to the cholesterol-reducing, calorie-burning effects of standing at the workplace, and to health risks associated with spending more than six hours a… Read More

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