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Beware of Toner Pirates!

Don’t let your company fall prey to toner pirates!  These scammers will try to mislead you into thinking you are speaking with a representative of your local dealer (us) and that you urgently need to stock up on toner because there a “special” offer or imminent price increase.  The price they will try to bill… Read More


Third Annual Love The Way You Play Ball Game

Last weekend was the third annual Love the way you Play softball game and despite the intense heat and humidity the turnout was great… Batman and Superman even decided to show up and captain the teams!  Once again the game was held at the BJ Higgins field in Cole Harbour and the action did not disappoint.  There… Read More


Sit Well. Work Well. Feel Well.

Introducing the new Fern chair. A revolution in seating design, Fern is the product of extensive research.  For several years Haworth sought out ergonomists, physiotherapists, designers, engineers and, most importantly, everyday office workers to test out dozens of prototypes before the perfect blend was discovered.  Less machine and more human, Fern is designed to integrate… Read More


Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up

Since 2014 Ricoh Canada Inc. has been a national sponsor of the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up, helping to remove garbage from our lakes, rivers, and shores.  This year Office Interiors decided to lend a hand as well and we are proud to announce that on June 10, the team from OI and Ricoh’s Halifax branch… Read More


Our People… the Key Ingredient

I’ve been writing recently about some of our Core Values at Office Interiors; and of course “Our People” is one of them. We state simply that “Our People are our most important Resource, we will treat everyone with respect & dignity, we will hire the best and we will reward based on performance.  We will… Read More


MADD Canada

Dear Sponsor; On behalf of the Board of Directors, Members and Volunteers of MADD Canada, I would like to thank you for your support of MADD Canada by placing an advertisement in our MADD Message Yearbook. The generosity of community-minded people like you makes it possible for MADD Canada to pursue its much-needed programs including… Read More



One of our Values is “Our Customers. We deliver products and services in a complex business world to meet the most stringent design and quality standards… those of our Customers.” Seriously, doesn’t every company claim to have ‘great service’? Yet we all know in our own experiences that very few companies actually delivery on this… Read More


Love the way you Learn

One of Office Interiors’ Core Values  is Our Communities and it’s letters like the one below that remind us just how important giving back to the community truly is. I would like to express my utmost gratitude for being selected as the successful applicant for the ‘love the Way You Learn· Award. I have been ecstatic… Read More


Community as a Value

One of the things that I am most proud of at Office Interiors are our “Values”.  We live them, breathe them, and we believe in them.  We actually run our business by them.  And it starts at the top not only with myself, but with our entire Leadership Team.  You can see them here… Our… Read More


2016 Unsung Hero Award

From all of us here at Office Interiors, we would like to thoroughly congratulate Shawn Lean, our VP of Furniture Sales for New Brunswick, for receiving the 2016 Unsung Hero Award.  Shawn consistently represents Office Interiors’ values for his extensive work in the community and is an example for the rest of our team. Below is the… Read More