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The 7 Best Office Equipment Dealers in New Brunswick

We understand that you have a lot riding on the outcome of a new office equipment purchase, the device itself can be quite expensive and if it breaks or malfunctions, it can cripple your ability to process orders, invoices, payments and more. You need to be able to trust that not only are you buying… Read More


The 7 Best Office Equipment Dealers in Nova Scotia

Buying a new piece of office equipment is a big decision.  A new MFP, copier or mailing system can cost thousands of dollars and cause serious headaches if it doesn’t work as expected.  Who you choose to buy from and who you trust to service your new investment is arguably more important than what brand… Read More


Office Ergonomics – Preventing Employee Back, Neck and Wrist Pain Generates Value

How much does office ergonomics really matter? According to the World Health Organization, one-third of health-related absences are due to musculoskeletal disorders. Back pain accounts for 60 percent of these injuries, followed by neck pain and wrist pain. Other studies conducted on State Farm Insurance and Blue Cross-Blue Shield found that productivity improved by a… Read More

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Why Should You Buy a Sit-to-Stand Desk?

Standing desks are not a new phenomenon but with the all the recent studies showing the adverse effects of sitting all day, they are more popular than ever before. Standing desk proponents point to the cholesterol-reducing, calorie-burning effects of standing at the workplace, and to health risks associated with spending more than six hours a… Read More

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The 9 Best Office Furniture Dealers in New Brunswick

Ever made a purchase only for worry to beset you a few days later as to whether you got the best deal, the seller is going to follow through on the contract, or even if you chose the right colour?  That feeling stinks.  At Office Interiors, we know that we aren’t always the best fit… Read More


Where to Buy Office Equipment: Dealers vs Manufacturers (How to Choose)

  A question that often gets asked is “Where should I buy my office equipment? From a dealer or the OEM (original equipment manufacturer)?”  In this article, I have attempted to address some things that you may consider when making your decision of who will be your vendor.  Both manufacturers and dealers sell office equipment… Read More


How much does a copier cost?

If it is your first time purchasing a copier or printer, you are likely finding it difficult to determine just how much money you should be budgeting for the purchase.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a clear and concise price to give you.  The fact of the matter is that there is a significant variation in… Read More

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The 7 Best Office Furniture Dealers in Nova Scotia

Everyone wants to feel secure that they are getting the best product for the best price when making a purchase; office furniture is no different.  As such, we know that you will likely look at several different dealers before settling on the solution (and provider) that best fits your specific needs. At Office Interiors, we… Read More


What is Document Management and how can it Reduce Costs?

Almost every company claims that “going paperless” is a priority. But what does that term really mean? The term that best describes what people truly mean when they talk about going paperless is more technical; Document Management Systems (DMS) are what organizations implement to achieve digital paperless workflows. In this post, we will explain what a… Read More

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How to Determine the Total Cost of Ownership for a Copier or Printer

Do you ever need to work with paper documents?  For almost every office worker, the answer is yes, and as such, they end up needing a multifunction copier or printer. Multifunction copiers and printers, often referred to as MFDs (Multifunction Device), not only print and copy but also have fax and scanning capabilities. Even if… Read More